1. A record, the disclosure of which would result in loss of federal or state funds or would be reasonably likely to result in a substantial and demonstrable risk of physical harm to or endanger the personal security of an individual.
    2. A record maintained in connection with the military, Homeland Security or other similar entity.
    3. A record, the disclosure of which creates a reasonable likelihood of endangering the safety or the physical security of a building, public utility or infrastructure which could include building plans or infrastructure records.
    4. A record regarding computer hardware, software and networks.
    5. An individual’s medical, psychiatric or psychological history or disability status.
    6. Personal identification information.
    7. Records regarding District employees, including letters of reference, recommendation, performance ratings or reviews, results of civil service or similar testing, employment applications of individuals who are not hired by the District, workplace support services program information, written criticisms of an employee, grievance material, information regarding discipline, demotion or discharge contained in a personnel file or academic transcripts.
    8. Labor relations or collective bargaining strategy or negotiation records or exhibits in relation to grievance arbitrations.
    9. Drafts of resolutions, regulations, policies, directives, ordinances or amendments to them.
    10. Records which reflect the pre-decisional deliberations of the Board of Education, including pre-decisional deliberations on budgets or regulation/policy adoption.
    11. Trade secret or confidential proprietary records.
    12. Notes and working papers of public officials or employees used only for their own personal use.
    13. Records which would identify an individual who lawfully makes a donation to the District.
    14. Miscellaneous unpublished materials.
    15. Academic transcripts and examination information.
    16. Records relating to or resulting in a criminal investigation.
    17. Records relating to a non-criminal investigation, including a complaint submitted to the District and work papers underlying an audit.
    18. Records or parts of records received by emergency dispatch personnel, including 911 recordings otherwise not determined by a court to be subject to public disclosure.
    19. DNA and RNA records.
    20. Autopsy records.
    21. Draft minutes of meetings until the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Education and minutes or any record of discussions held in executive session.
    22. Contents of real estate appraisals until the decision is made to proceed to acquire an interest in the property.
    23. Library and archive circulation records.
    24. Library, archived and museum materials.
    25. Records identifying the location of an archeological site or an endangered or threatened plant or animal species.
    26. A proposal pertaining to agency procurement or disposal of supplies prior to the award of a contract for the items.
    27. Records regarding communications between the District and its insurance carrier, administrative service organization or risk management office.
    28. Records or information identifying individuals who apply for or receive social services.
    29. Correspondence between a person and a member of the general assembly.
    30. Records identifying the name, home address or date of birth of a child 17 years of age or younger.

Last Modified on December 17, 2015