Equitable Participation Services

    Special Needs Consultation Service

    Certain services are available to students identified as eligible for special education who are unilaterally placed by their parents in private schools through a federal requirement called Equitable Participation (EP).  In Pennsylvania, the Intermediate Units (IU) is the agency responsible for the implementation of the federal requirement for EP.  EP requires that each IU, following a federal funding calculation, must expend a designated amount of federal IDEA funds on services and/or resources for students identified as eligible for special education services whose parents have unilaterally chosen to place their child in a private school.  The IU is not required to offer the same services that would be offered as a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) in the public school.
    Yearly, the IU and representatives of the nonpublic schools meet in timely and meaningful collaboration to determine how the EP allocation will be used.
    Consultative Services are provided to administrators and teachers in non public schools to assist in educating students with special needs.  The consultant works with teachers and staff to design appropriate accommodations for each student.  The accommodations and/or specific strategies can focus on academic, as well as, behavioral issues.
    For more information, please contact:
    Dr. Matthew Thomas
    Student Services Director
    or speak to your school administrator.


Last Modified on August 1, 2018