What is Moodle

    The word Moodle is an acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment.

    Moodle is an open source Learning Management System (LMS) used at many schools and universities worldwide. Moodle allows students to access course resources and materials from any Internet connected computer, regardless of the Operating System. Moodle will work with most Web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and others).



    How can I create a Moodle account?

    Your eAcademy Moodle account will be created for you by your home school district. If you are unsure of your username and/or password to Moodle; Please contact your Cyber Monitor if you are a Student, or your districts IT department if you are a Teacher or Cyber Monitor for further assistance.

    I cannot access my Moodle account. Why?

    Login using your School Network Account information. Enter your School Network username and password.  Then select your school from the drop-down menu.  Click Login.

    If you forgot your login information; you will need to contact your Cyber Monitor if you are a Student, or your districts IT department if you are a Teacher or Cyber Monitor for further assistance.


    How can I access a Moodle course?

    In Moodle, Students are enrolled automatically in their courses by their Teachers. To access a Moodle Course:

    1. Open the WIUeAcademy homepage at http://wiueacademy.org/ (OpenSIS), and follow this path:  
    Enter your username and password > Choose your District> Click on Login> Choose Moodle from the menu on the right> Click on "Go to Moodle"

    2. In the My home Page, you'll see a list of all your online courses on Moodle. Click on the course title to open it.

    In case you are asked for an "Enrollment Key", this means that your teacher added a key for security. Please contact your teacher.

    Can anyone access courses on Moodle?

    No. Only students registered in a course where the instructor has chosen to use Moodle may access the course.  Instructors may allow guest access to a course.

    Can I connect to my Moodle course from home?

    You can access Moodle from any computer with an Internet connection:

    I cannot access my Moodle course. Why?

    If you cannot find your course in your My home page, you should contact your Cyber Monitor.  Your access to a Moodle course is granted by your Cyber Monitor.

    I can't save a PDF file from a Moodle course. Why?

    Make sure you are using Adobe Acrobat version 4.0 or higher.
    If you are using Adobe Acrobat 3.0, you cannot save a PDF file on your hard disk, you can only read it or print it.
    You can download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat (latest version) from the Adobe Acrobat site

    Are there any restrictions on the names of files that I upload to Moodle?

     Don't use special characters in your filenames or passwords. Special
     characters such as a blank space, * / \ ? " ' { } etc., are not allowed in filenames or


    How do I logout of a Moodle session?

    In order to end a session you must click on Logout (top right side of window). If you do not Logout, your account will remain active. The next person to use the computer you were using will have full access to your account.

    What can I do when my web browser doesn't work right with Moodle?

    If you have enabled Cookies, Java-script, and Pop-ups, and still have problems,
     next check for any firewall or web proxy that might be running on your computer. We
     have seen both Norton and Zone-Alarm firewalls, and the Privoxy filtering proxy,
     cause problems. Also, older versions of web browsers may not handle Cascading
     Style Sheets (CSS) in HTML correctly, resulting in lines overlaying each other.

    Which Internet Browser is the best for running Moodle?

    You may use Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and others.
    Some old versions of Internet Browsers are not supported by Moodle.

    Do I need to install any software plug-in?

    If you are attempting to view a MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint document, for example, make sure that the computer you are viewing has Microsoft Office. If you do not have Microsoft Office installed on the computer you can download a free version called LibreOffice.

    • Libre Office Suite is comparable to Microsoft Office suite. It will allow you to work with any documents that Microsoft Office can, such as Word Documents, Excel Sheets, PowerPoints, etc. What makes this product great is that its completely Free!

       Libre Office for Windows      Libre Office for MAC OSX

    • Libre Office Documentation


        Writer          Calc         Impress


    If you are attempting to view Flash material and you don't have a Flash player installed on your computer then download the most recent Flash player from the macromedia site: http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash


    You can also learn how to use Moodle through tutorials and sample courses available in this site at the Moodle Tutorial page.

    Where can I get help on Moodle?

    You can get help in several ways:

    Check the FAQ for students and/or post your question there.
    Ask The Moodle Community Forums at:


    Always close your browser when you finish working with Moodle. Otherwise, someone else can assume your identity when they use the same machine.

    Always use the Moodle navigation bar and NOT the Back/Forward buttons of your Web browser.

    Don't use special characters in your filenames or passwords. Special characters such as a blank space, * / \ ? " ' { } etc., are not allowed in filenames or passwords.

Last Modified on February 19, 2013