• Curriculum
    Timothy Hammill, Curriculum Services Director   (724) 836-2460 ext. 2305
    Cynthia Shaffer, Curriculum Coordinator, PIIC Mentor, and ESL Supervisor (724) 836-2460 ext. 2311
    Susan Soltis, Instructional Design Specialist (724) 836-2460 ext 2316
    Rebecca Henderson, Distance Learning Coordinator (724-836-2460 ext 2315
    Rachel Barner, Curriculum Department Secretary (724) 836-2460 ext. 2235
    The Curriculum Services Department offers staff development and in-service opportunities; assists with curriculum, instruction, and assessment issues; serves as liaison between districts and PDE; and engages in dialogue about critical educational and policy issues. In addition, the department offers services to students through various activities and maintains and circulates resource information and materials to all schools.

    The following list represents some of the varied services available to school districts.

    • Comprehensive Planning/School Improvement Planning Assistance
    • Workshops and courses that satisfy Act 48 and Act 45 requirements
    • Professional Development
    • Consultation Services
    • Online Learning
    • Data Analysis Support
    • Curriculum Development
    • Instructional Delivery Strategies
    • Education research assistance
    • ESL Services
    • Academic Quiz
    • K-12 Teacher Resources
    • Response to Instruction and Intervention (RtII)
    • Instructional Coaching Support (PIIC)
    • Customized Workshops
    The Curriculum Services Department staff serve as the liaison between the PA Department of Education and Curriculum Directors for the educational entities in Westmoreland County.