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    Secondary Transition, What is that all about?

    Secondary Transition is a process that will assist you in reaching your future goals.
    Educators will assist you in answering questions like:
    • What do I want to be when I grow up?
    • How do I know if my dream job is a good job for me?
    • How do I get a job?
    • Do I need to do more school after high school?
    • What do I need to live on my own?
    • How can I contribute to my community?
    • What resources are available in my community?
    • And so many more!

    What Does the Process Look Like?

                      Your teachers will work with you to complete various
                      assessments such as surveys, interviews and such to
                      determine your interests, skills and abilities related to
                      future goals
          2. Goals
                      Using information gathered from the assessments you will
                      create goals for your future  
                            - Do you want to do additional schooling after high
                            - What kind of job do you want?
                            - Where do you want to live? 
          3. Plan
                      You, your family, teachers and anyone else that has a part
                       in your future success will make a plan of how to reach
                your future goals (also known as post-secondary goals) 
        4. Implement Plan 
                      Throughout the year you will complete activities that will
                       assist you in reaching your future goals
        5. Monitor and Review
                      Your progress in reaching your goals will be monitored
                       and your plan will be adjusted as needed to ensure that
                       you are working towards your future goals

    What Can I Do?

    • Be Involved and Informed
                            - Actively participate in your IEP meetings
                             - Self-Advocate
                               - Know your disability 
                              - Know what accommodations and supports assist you
                                        and why 
    •  Preparation
                               - Participate in work training experiences
                                              * Work Discovery
                                              * Career and Technology Center 
    • Strive for Independence  
                               - Complete household chores 
                              - Demonstrate responsibility 
                               - Work part-time
                               - Take on financial responsibilities (if able) 



    Have More Questions?

    Please contact:
    Ms. Mindy McMahen
    Ed Consultant                   
                   Westmoreland Intermediate Unit 
                   724-836-2460 ext. 2332