• On laptops only (DO NOT USE THIS ON A WIU DESKTOP); click on "Printer Install" below to automatically install the "PP Find Me Queue". This is the print queue to print out jobs from your computer, to any printer in the Administration office:
    - Once downloaded, open the downloaded file.
    - Once open, double click on the file labeled "Printer_Install":
    - Click on Run: 
    Please note to use wiu7.org as described in the text/file rather than wiu7.net as shown in the pictures
    - A black box will appear asking for your username and password. First enter "wiu7.org\" right before your username, then type in your username (First Initial, Last Name). Example: "wiu7.org\jdoe". Once filled in hit enter on your keyboard:
     - Then your printer/network password (the same password you used when logging into the printer for the first time with your Key Fob) :
     - Once you successfully enter your password; click any key on your keyboard to continue, as indicated in the black box.
    Once you click any button, the process will run automatically for about 5 minutes depending on the computer. When the black box disappears, the process is complete. 
    When printing a job from your computer, make sure to select the "PP Find Me Queue". Then go to any printer that is close to you, log in by using your Key Fob, and your print job will be there ready to print.
    If you have any questions, place a help desk ticket for further assistance.