• WIU Crossroads FAQs



    What type of student is AEDY appropriate for?

    The WIU Crossroads School is appropriate for students in grades 6 - 12 that are persistently disruptive or could benefit from an alternative placement.  PDE requires that the students demonstrate, to a marked degree, any of the following:  

    o   Disregard for authority, violation of school policy and rules

    o   Habitual truancy

    o   Display or use of a controlled substance on school property or during school activity

    o   Violent or threatening behavior on school property or school activity

    o   Possession of a weapon on school property

    o   Commission of a criminal act on school property or at a school activity

    o   Misconduct that would merit suspension or expulsion under school policy

    WIU Crossroads School complies with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and provides special education services to support IEP students in making progress toward their goals. 


    What is the process for placing a student in the WIU Crossroads School?

    If a student in your district consistently displays any of the above behaviors, an informal hearing must be held.  At the conclusion of the informal hearing, an Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth (AEDY) Referral Intake Form must be completed.  (Included in folder)  The AEDY Referral outlines the districts approach to rehabilitate the student and includes all documentation that supports the need for placement in the WIU Crossroads School.  Other additional required information includes:       


    o   Referral (AEDY)

    o   Most Recent Report Card

    o   Transcript

    o   Cumulative Academic File

    o   Student Schedule

    o   IEP if applicable /Other Relevant Reports

    o   NOREP

    o   Reevaluation / Evaluation

    o   Student’s Discipline File

    o   Manifestation Determination Worksheet

    o   Attendance

    o   SAP (referral & any other relevant information)

    o   Health Record (to be forwarded by school nurse)


    Once the AEDY Referral Form is completed and submitted, the WIU Crossroads School will schedule an intake meeting.  This meeting will consist of the student, parent or guardian, a representative from the sending school district and a representative from WIU Crossroads School.


    What happens after the student is accepted in the WIU Crossroads School?

    Students entering the WIU Crossroads School will be administered an assessment to identify ability levels and prerequisite knowledge.  Working as a team, the WIU Crossroads School staff will evaluate the data provided by the district and student’s assessment results to effectively provide a sound educational course of study aimed at achieving graduation in the home district. 

    The WIU Crossroads School follows a project based approach to instruction that is meaningful and engaging.  Students will be required to complete daily and weekly projects that incorporate common core standards and are differentiated to meet the needs of the many types of learners within each classroom.  This project based approach is the foundation to the WIU Crossroads School method of meeting the needs of students and facilitating their success.  This approach as well as cross-curricular instruction and the use of technology will provide students with learning opportunities that are somewhat different from what is found in the traditional classroom.

    The project based curriculum will be built on the foundations of Math, Science, Social Studies, and English/Language Arts instruction.  Students will be required to participate in a Physical Education and Health program as well as Functional Life Skills instruction.  WIU Crossroads School will also offer students group and individual therapy on a weekly basis.  The aim of therapy is to help each student understand why they have been placed in an alternative program and what steps must be taken to excel with appropriate behavior.  These therapy sessions will also focus on helping students develop coping skills and an understanding of what is expected of them as functional members of our community. 

    Tentatively, the WIU Crossroads school day will be from 7:50 am – 2:15 pm.  Due to the fact that additional instructional time has been worked into the schedule, student arrival and departure time may be adjusted to meet the transportation needs of each district.

    Student academic and behavioral progress will be monitored and evaluated by the WIU Crossroads staff weekly.  The student’s progress will be reported to the student, parents and school district several times a nine week period.  Each student will be required to complete a portfolio while enrolled at the WIU Crossroads School which will include academic, behavioral and transition materials.  These portfolios will be used as part of the student’s final evaluation to return to the home school district. 

    Currently we are working with Central Westmoreland Career & Technology Center to provide career and technical opportunities to qualified students.  Students that meet their academic and behavioral goals will be evaluated by the WIU Crossroads School Team and CWCTC for possible placement.