• Inclusive Practices/LRE


    The Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) is identified in the U.S. Individuals with Disabilities Education Act as one of the principles that govern the education of students with disabilities and other special needs. By law, schools are required to provide a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) in the least restrictive environment that is appropriate to the individual student's needs.

    "Least Restrictive Environment" means that a student who has a disability should have the opportunity to be educated with non-disabled peers, to the greatest extent appropriate. Inclusive education describes the successful education of students who have IEPs with the appropriate supports and supplementary aids and services necessary to achieve educational goals when placed in a setting with non-disabled peers.

    The Inclusive Practices/ LRE Consultants provide training and consultation on effective strategies and techniques to promote and support inclusive practices.  


    Trainings are provided for any topic relating to inclusive practices/LRE including:

    • Compliance Monitoring
    • Educational Benefit Review (EBR)
    • Supplemental Aids and Services (SaS) and the SaS Toolkit
    • Instructional Strategies, Such as Universal Design for Learning
    • Writing Standards-Aligned IEPs
    • Progress Monitoring
    • Standards-Based Goals
    • Specially Designed Instruction
    • PA Alternate Eligible Content (AEC) and Essentialization of the AEC
    • Extended School Year
    • Co-Teaching
    • Presuming Competence and Project Max
    • Other Related Topics as Requested


    For districts needing more personalized assistance in the area of gifted education, the WIU Inclusive Practices/LRE Consultants provide individualized consultation and support on an as-requested basis. 


    WIU Inclusive Practices/LRE Consultants:

    Natalie Smith


    724-836-2460, ext. 2321


    Melissa Klug


    724-836-2460, ext. 2130



    LRE Basic Education Circular

    Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network

    Pennsylvania Department of Education - Bureau of Special Education

    Parent Education and Advocacy Leadership Center (PEAL)

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