• I know that for the macs you can download a SWEET little program called combine pdfs http://www.monkeybreadsoftware.de/Freeware/CombinePDFs.shtml

    On their site they have this information nly for Mac OS X?

    You can try the application A-PDF Merger for Windows.


    There's a great free app (spyware/adware free) called CutePDF Writer, that will install itself as a printer and allow you to convert anything to PDF. I use it all the time. It doesn't actually print the document / slides / etc, but just converts them to PDF form and saves it wherever you would like. Hope that helps. Link below:

    There is some relief for PC users eventually……In OFFICE 2007, there is an option to print to pdf (you just have to download a free plugin to make it work….very easy).
    On a Mac go to File > Print...  Click on PDF button on bottom left.  Select Save as PDF... and give it a title and a place to save it and click Save.

    These resources will convert many file types to pdf files.





    I use the following two browser-based sites for

    my PDF conversion.





    No water marks, no pop-ups that can sneak

    past a blocker, etc.  The limitations are that

    the one allows only 10 file upload/conversions

    per day per computer (so just use another

    computer station if you have more) and the

    other places a 30 minute interval between

    each upload/conversion.  Why? Don't know,

    but I don't PDF too much so, it's not an

    issue for me.


    I always request the "wait for the conversion in

    my browser" option rather than email delivery.

    I just keep in mind that as nice as they appear

    in the end they still are FREE sites.  I figure

    since the services have to paid for somehow

    one possible way to do this is by selling ads

    or addresses.  I just don't take my chances

    with the email delivery and err on the side of

    caution (to prevent future spam) especially

    since "wait for the conversion in my browser"

    delivery method gets the job done.


    I also use this handy site for other conversions

    beyond PDF'ing.  It's close to zamzar, but instead

    of zamzar's pop-ups this site's advertising is

    right on the page.




Last Modified on April 4, 2008