Lynne Leu 

    The Financial Services Department of the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit supports the mission statement by continuing to collaborate with the schools to identify and evaluate their needs which, in turn, will provide a forum for the sharing of information.  In addition, the Financial Service Department also provides research where needed to support the districts’ position in making financial decisions which will affect the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit and other school entities.

    The financial services are comprised of two main departments, Payroll and Accounting.  The Payroll Department has the responsibility for maintaining all the W.I.U. payroll information.  One of the main procedures is the preparation of all payroll checks along with making the appropriate deductions and remitting them to the proper agencies.

    The Accounting Department is made up of four funds: Special Education, General Operating, Non-Public, and Federal.  Each fund is responsible for initiating and recording its purchasing activity along with monitoring receipts from various sources.


    Other functions that are a part of financial services are as follows: 

    • Annually prepare the budgets that make up each fund.  This includes drafting the budget, reviewing it with the Executive Director, the Finance Committee of the Board and the Board of School Directors.
    • Securing the highest rate of interest possible on investments in accordance with policies established by the Board.
    • Coordinating the entire insurance program, i.e. property, casualty, worker's compensation and employee fringe benefits.
    • Projecting the annual expenditures of each fund.  This would provide insight on the amount of funds that remain so that the children's educational needs may be better served.
    • Coordinate the activities of the Westmoreland County School Business Officials Association.




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